Monday, August 13, 2007

First day of school, First day of school

I can just hear Nemo repeating that statement to his dad as they are swimming to the local school. Today my oldest, Chandler began high school. He has gone to the same school since K-5 so he already knows most of the students so he wasn't nervous about meeting new people. He was actually nervous that he would not know exactly where his classes were and that an upper classman would tell him the wrong way if he felt he had to ask. I remember when I started high school the upper classman would tell us that our rooms were located on the 4th floor, unbeknownest to us there were only 3 floors. We soon figured it out and all was well for that year at least. :) He started his day with about 10 min. of quite time reading from Ephesians. Something that I am trying to do not just for myself but for my children. There relationship with the Lord will determine so much in their lives the first and most obvious one is where they will spend eternity but also how their attitudes are whether or not they will have peace in the midst of their storms, how they react to things that happen to them even the good things, will they become prideful? or will they lift it up as thanksgiving to the Lord for what He has enabled them to do? I can't expect my children to just grow up and choose to have a quiet time if it has never been modeled for them. This is something I so desire for them. I know they have a free will and may even choose to turn away from the Lord but I have to know that we taught them every tool they will need to grow in the Lord.
My middle son, Carson began his first official day of K-5. He was so excited to go. We took pictures and all that good stuff (digital is broken that is why I don't have any pics right now). I even had quiet time with him and my youngest, Cameron. We read from a children's devotional and talked about the Lord being the creator of Life. When I picked him up he was still excited about going tomorrow even though he had to move his stick from green to yellow and did not get a sticker. :( Of course I am thinking GREAT, Just GREAT, the first day of school he talked too much and now I am going to teach at his school and of course I had to go there..... I had to think that the K-5 teachers are second guessing the school's decision to hire me I mean come on her kid had to move to yellow on the first day!!!! It did not help that my youngest was jumping all over the place and pulling things off the wall.:)
Yes it was a peaceful, classical musical morning around here NOT!!! Oh by the way, did I mention that my lovely dog Dallas ate a whole bar of soap while we were desperately trying not be late (but we were, another reason not to hire me) for the first day of school.
I have a favorite saying.... Worse things could happen and they absolutely could so I am smiling as I post this and praying that tomorrow will be a little less eventful, but if not, I'm sure the Lord will enable me to endure. :)
Oh, my sister Sandy, is having a give away in honour of her 200th post, go take a peek and leave a comment.
And happy birthday wishes to our Sunday school teacher, John, and good friend, Mark.


Diann said...

You must have been sitting in our service yesterday! JD talked about the importance of having that time with God daily. About how being a Christian is about a relationship with Christ and not a list of do's and don'ts--how everything in our lives stem from our relationship with Him and that you can't have a relationship with someone you don't spend time with! That is so awesome that you are modeling that for your children! They're blessed to have such a godly Mom!

Anonymous said...

WoW! It sounds like you had quite a day! One question... Did the dog get sick from the soup? LOL
Well, I think that we have ALL had days like yours. And, not to depress you, but I am sure that there will be many more. (Go Mom!)
Just remember to praise God at all times and in EVERY situation.
Let's pray for a better day tomorrow.
Your Blogging Buddy,

Sandy McTier said...

You are too funny! We all just had a good laugh picturing Dallas jumping in the tub and eating the bar of soap.
I'm sure Carson will get lots of stickers and when he does he'll want them even more! I'm sure Cameron will be excited to start soon and you are going to be an awesome teacher - you are so patient!
Don't let the devil steal your joy in the a.m. or the kids - like you said he'll find ways to prevent you from having your private time with the Lord.
Have a great week. Thanks for the plug on your blog about my giveaway - I've had several people come by and it's so nice to make new friends!
Love ya sis!

Kim said...

I remember those days well and sometimes miss them. I think that is so wonderful that your son has his quiet time. I so wish I would have done that with our children. They are all wonderful adults but that would have been an amazing blessing to them to carry into their adult lives. I'll keep you in my prayers. Be sure to stop by my blog. I passed on an award to you yesterday that your sis gave me! Oh, I wanted to tell you that when I am reading your blog your piano music just carries me away to such a relaxing place. Thank you so much! Hugs ~ Kim

Anonymous said...

Carson did not fall far from the tree. When I was visiting my Mom in May I came across my report cards from elementary school. Gerry is a sweet girl, BUT she talks too much (teachers never said that about you did they Linda?) I know this is going to be a great year. I can remember praying with you and your sisters before school and how much that meant as we watched God answer our prayers (not always the way we wanted but nevertheless we had answers). Hope that camera gets fixed soon. Give the boys a hug from NANA AND POPPOP

Julie said...

Hi Linda!

Thanks for visiting my blog and your name is now entered in the drawing. I will actually do the drawing on Thursday morning here at work.

Yes - I am flying into Memphis and will have to drive to Greenfield. That is where my trainer lives. He said it was 104 there yesterday!

Holly said...

I hope the first day of school turned out well for everyone--even the soap eating dog!
There just are crazy days like that sometime, you are right not to get too freaked out and roll with it as best you can.
Take care & hope your new job goes well also.

ADELE said...

Hi Linda,
Sorry you had a rough start to a first day of school. Things will get better. Don't let Satan steal your joy. You are such a godly mom and you are instilling such wonderful values in your children. You inspire me and encourage me to be the best mom that I can be.
I hope the rest of your week (and your kids) will be wonderful.

Christy said...

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Decorating Queen said...

That is so great that he takes the time to read the bible daily. I think it shapes them in every way. You are such a great teacher to your kids. nicole