Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us..20 years

Blogger is giving me problems this morning. I can't seem to get my pictures posted.

I can't believe that I am old enough to have been married for 20 years. David and I were talking about it last night and we both agreed it really was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We met in high school I was 15 and he was 17. We dated for 6 years with an on again off again relationship. We ended up engaged on September 10, 1986 and then took the big step the following year. I must brag that I have a great husband. He has evolved through his relationship with the Lord into a really great man. He loves me and tries very hard to protect me from everyone including myself sometimes. He has provided for me and our 3 boys beautifully. He has a great sense of humor that still keeps me laughing. When I need something from him (if I tell him and don't expect him to guess) he tries very hard to provide it whether it is material, physical, or emotional. Honey, I hope you have a great day and know that I do believe that God has put us togther and I am looking forward to many more great years with you.

I love you!!!



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Anonymous said...

As usual I am a dollar short and a day late. Your card will be in the mail, but in the meantime a happy anniversary to both of you. I remember it well, a beautiful wedding and it really doesn't seem like 20 years. Happy anniversry to you.

Anonymous said...

wow good thing i read your blog because with everything going on i forrot the ann. i did send a card though. love both of you dearly and our three angels momg

MOM said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!
Mom and Dad

Sandy said...

Hey sis!
I'm gonna have to dig through some pics and post them of our 80's hair at the wedding - hehehe.
Happy Anniversary!!!
love you both!
Sandy and gang

Southern Heart said...

Happy Anniversary! I wish you many more years of happiness!

Brea said...

Happy (late) anniversary! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! :) Are you going to join in on the Christmas Tour of Homes? You should!! :)