Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Adam/ Soccer & Mothering

Well it has been pretty busy around here so I have not had a chance to blog but I have had a chance to lurk at other blogs which is always fun. First, today is my nephew, Adam's, birthday. Happy Birthday Adam. He is the one I have been telling you is going to be deployed over seas very soon. I found this picture of him and my niece at Halloween dressed as an army guy and then I have his current picture as a Real Army guy. I hope you have a great day Adam:)
Second, we have been in Starkville, Mississippi for Olympic Development Camp (soccer) to watch our oldest sons last 2 days of camp and then bring him home. Well he was chosen with 35 other players from different states to be held over and stay til Sunday to train with the regional coaches. This was out of 360 players. We are very proud. We also feel very blessed. He has been at this camp the last 2 years and has not been chosen to even play in a pool game which is where they evaluate each states games and choose players to be on one of two teams that play each other for further evaluation. This year we prayed that he would make it to a pool game and the Lord answered our prayer with 3pool games. I was still surprised when they called him to stay over. They choose the regional team from these 36. Anything after that first pool game was just gravy to him and us. We are praying that he do his very best that is all we can ask for at this point. There was really a lot of talent out of North Carolina and Florida. It was fun to watch these games and see our child excel in something that he has worked so hard to do. As a mom though, my heart ached as he walked to his dorm. We were told that he was now under the authority of the regional coaches and he was gone. We barely had any contact with him during the camp and now we had minimal contact with him before he was moved to the next dorm. It was glimpse for me as to what life will be like when he goes to college. This whole natural pulling away stuff is killing me. Mothering is the only job that you work yourself out of and I am not liking that too much. I think about how I just wanted to sit and talk to him and have him tell me everything that happened this week, how he was feeling and all then I am gently reminded that this is what the Father wants with me. He is patiently waiting to talk with me and hear my desires and concerns but often times I am too busy to make the time, Oh Father forgive me.
Remember he is waiting for you too. Sit with Him and be refreshed as we go into our busy day.:)


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures of Adam. We are praying for him as he deploys. Nana and Pop Pop are proud of Chandler also. We so love to watch him play. We are praying for Gods will for him as he continues to pursue his career in soccer. Hope Carson and Cameron both received their postcards from Paris. We send out love to each of you.
Love ya,

Sandy McTier said...

Hope Adam has a wonderful birthday! What a change ~ halloween costume - real life army man! So proud of him off serving this country! Please make sure you send me his mailing address when you get it so that I can send him care packages!
So PROUD of Chandler! How exciting for him to get selected so many times for pool games and get asked to stay! He has such talent and I know that God has great plans for him!
Have a great weekend.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Adam! Linda, I hope you had a chance to see my blog with my Freedom Concert update. I called it "PATRIOTISM ON STEROIDS". Congratulations to Chandler! I know your buttons are just popping! I totally understand the feelings you are having with regard to your children. It's pretty much the 2 of us now and I'll admit, it is kind of sad. However, the joy of seeing that we raised 3 loving, caring, responsible, God-fearing adults is worth it! I love your analogy about our Heavenly Father and I couldn't agree more. Thank you for the reminder. Hugs ~ Kim

LivingTheLife said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I enjoyed your comments...yes...blogging...can be fun, crazy...and a bit addicting...not to mention the occasional run in with Mr. Blog...he has to always have his way...but what can I's cheap entertainment...right?

Loved the post about your family and the cute slideshow...your son's are adorable...tell the older one he's "handsome"...for I think he may be too old for the adorable comment...I especially loved the one pic of one of your boys (I assume) wearing what looked like various stages of foot wear...some type of helmet or reminded me of some of the things my son use to come up w/as a child! Boys...always keep you on your toes!

Tell Chandler there are tons of people out here praying for him and the other brave folks protecting us on a daily basis...tell him a big "Thank You" and "hug" from Texas!

Thanks again for stopping by...please do so again! I love reading what folks have to say!

Blessings your way...


LivingTheLife said...

Ok!! I'm just plain loopy I suppose..I meant to say...Tell Adam "thank you" and I don't know where I got Chandler's name...I think I saw it in another comment...I am guessing that is the oldest soccer son...geez...I need to pay closer attention...typing too fast...thinking TOO SLOW!!

diane rochford said...

I love the pictures of Adam, thanks for posting them!