Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh, Where is my Hairbrush???

If any of you have seen Veggie Tales you have heard Larry the cucumber sing the song, Oh, where is my hairbrush? I must tell you that my dh and I share a hairbrush. I don't know how it evolved into that but after I lost mine several years ago I took a liking to his and we have shared it ever since. The only time we have a problem with sharing a brush is when one of us travels. I hate to admit it but I am HIGH maintainence when it comes to my hair so we have made an unwritten rule that if he is traveling for soccer tournaments with my son he has to leave the brush because any brush will do when you will probably wear a hat any way. When he travels for work of course I want him to take the one he likes best so it goes with him and I make do. Well I have to shout a big Thank you to my darling husband!!!! He left last night for California on a business trip and guess what I found in the bathroom this morning? I am sure you guessed it.... the shared hairbrush. What a sacrifice!!!! I am serious we are both passionate about this old plastic blue hairbrush.(crazy huh) Some ladies need flowers and romancing not me... just leave me my brush. :) Thanks dh you're the best!!!
(hey, at least it's not a toothbrush!!)

On to a teeny weeny lighter note.... my goal of 3 pounds this week was not achieved in fact I was far from it. I only lost .4 and for a first week on any diet that is pretty lame. I thought I was doing so good but I totally forgot some really important things I ate like, almost 1/2 bag of carmels, some cake and a little sausage stuff, you got the picture. Irregardless, I am pleased with a loss and plan to be more aggressive in my journaling this week.


Sandy McTier said...

It's so funny cause as I was reading this I could so see that BLUE brush ~ ya'll have had that thing for as long as I can remember! Sweet of your DH to leave it home ~ did he leave the checkbook too?hehehe!

Thanks for your comment on my blog today ~ I was so thinking of our "I Dream of Jeannie Days" cleaning our room(s) most the Brady Bunch sticks out in my mind the most - so are you gonna blog about that one first or am I?

YOU ARE RIGHT ~ a loss is a loss! It's not a gain. I was hoping to go tomorrow but Austin has a dentist appt. at the same time.
Sure I'm up though.
Love ya sis~

Linda said...

I'll let you do the Brady Bunch stories. Try not to be too brutal.
Love ya

Kim said...

Well, I'm right there with you...I was only down .2 but hey with all that has gone on the last week, I'm THRILLED! A loss is sure 'nuf a loss! I just LOVE to read the comments between you and Sandy. You gals are so special to me! Hugs ~ Kim

justabeachkat said...

Oh I love Veggie Tales! My grandchildren love them so much.

Cute story about the hairbrush. Now that's a sweet hubby who would think to leave it for you. Sure wish you could find another one though as a backup.

Don't be hard on yourself. A loss (any loss) is good. I'm working on taking some weight off too. It's so hard!