Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Just another busy day/Happy Anniversary Helene & Bruce

Well the guys came back from Oklahoma and were really excited to have at least won a game. They finished 1-0-2 but it was a good time once the rain stopped. My dh was able to get some great pictures. Here is one that one of the photographers took during the game against Texas. My sister and her family passed through on their way to Nebraska. They spent 2 nights with us. On their way back they are going to stay 2 nights again. My kids love to have their cousins around. They all played baseball all day yesterday with my dh and their Uncle Steven. Our dog, Dallas, would catch the ball and chase down the runner. She got a lot of them out. It was pretty funny to watch.
We have already been to the Doctor this morning for my oldest son. Then we had to drop of perscritions. We then hurried to the local bookstore to pick up the required summer reading for school. Hey the book only has 537 pages, piece of cake, especially for a kiddo who is not very fond of reading.
My sister in law and brother in law are celebrating their 33rd anniversary today. We hope it is a sweet day for both of you. :)

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