Saturday, December 13, 2008

My baby's first "real" dance. Of course neither of them drive so I had to drive them to eat and then to the dance and in about an hour and a half I get to pick them up, but I don't mind it was fun to see Him having so much fun and before I know it he will be driving away from my house and leaving a hole in my heart. Wow, what a downer I am becoming. Anyway, just wanted to show off my handsome "little" big boy.



justabeachkat said...

He is definitely handsome!


MOM said...

This must be serious! he got his hair cut. This is the beginning of much more to come. Hope they had a fabulous night!!
Mom and Dad

Sandy said...

What a fabulous picture! Loved the story about how he asked her to the dance! We're all sitting around the computer belly laughing over the pictures of carson and cameron with the beanies, carrots and oranges! Aren't they clever putting the oranges under the ostrich?!! LOL It's amazing that a box entertains them like that ~ same here ~ Holland could still entertain himself for hours with the simplest things!
Have a wonderful week.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

my my how handsome you look Chandler and she is so cute and nice to have around, Memere

Anonymous said...

Wonderful picture of both and yes
time flies particularly when you
are enjoying yourself. My best to
Chandler and ?Kate?. I know I met
her but I am having a senior moment
when it comes to her name. Love
the picture.

Rebecca Jo said...

AAAHH- how fun!!! What a cute couple! And man - girls look so much older now then when I was a teenager!!! Hope they had fun!

Meredith said...

Awww...that's a memorable occasion. They look so cute.

Fran said...

WOW!!! Please only tell me all the good stuff that comes ok??? Because I already can't take the thought of dances, dates, and driving!!!

Love ya,

petrii said...

What a cute couple they make. Isn't it weird to see your boy locked arm in arm and going on dates. My Dakota just got back from a luncheon date and going to the mall with a girl he really likes. WOW they grow up so fast!!!

Have a Blessed evening,