Thursday, December 4, 2008

Parenting & Birthday wishes

We are trying so hard to get Carson, our 6yr old to STOP sucking his thumb. One of the things we are trying now is to put a band-aid on his thumb just as a reminder when he puts his thumb in to take it back out. The doctor said after 21 days of no sucking the thumb the habit should be broken. Well our 5 yr old, Cameron has been paying very close attention to all of this and he doesn't suck his thumb but his finger is ALWAYS in his nose. I am constantly having to get onto to him about this and ask him if he needs a tissue. The other day he walked out of the bathroom with a band-aid covering his nostrils and matter of factly stated that he would wear it for 21 days and then he would break the habit of picking his nose.

Kids......aren't they precious?????

Birthday wishes to my brother-in-law, Jimmy. Hope you have a great day!



petrii said...

Hahahahahaha that is hilarious!!! I just love kids!! They get it figured out don't they. And they do listen ~~ sometimes =)

Have a Blessed day,

Julie said...

I am glad your reports from the doctor are okay.

This post was so adorable. How cute he is! That bandaid has got to hurt when he pulls it off! Ouch!!

Anonymous said...


It seems to me that kids nowaday are much smarter younger than in
my day. I don't recall your Mom
or Aunt pulling things like that.
Bless them both. Good luck in
breaking them from their habits.
Love, Grandma

Paige said...

How precious is that! Gotta love 'em

MOM said...

As Carl would say "You crazy kid". Happy21st anniversary to you and David 05 DEC 08. Love to you all,
Mom and Dad

Rebecca Jo said...

That is the funniest thing ever!!! I'm going to put one on my husband's nose - HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Sandy said...

Those boys are absolutely hilarious!!! We are all dying laughing seeing Camo with that bandaid on his nose!
Have a great weekend!
Love ya sis,