Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fun stuff

This soccer picture was something I was trying for a Christmas picture. Soccer is such a big part of our lives so I thought I would give it a try. While I like it it made the cutting room floor this year.

While getting down the Christmas decorations, the boys noticed two huge tubs of beanie babies that I used to collect. They begged to bring them down and have not quit playing with them or sleeping with them as you see here. Cameron is not only sleeping with the beanies but he decided last night, after I tucked him in, to get his soccer trophy and picture. I went to check on him and this is what I found. :) So sweet he is so proud of it. Of course I moved them so he did not bonk his head in the middle of the night.

These last two picture are Cameron and his Pepere enjoying a little unscheduled nap. They sat down to watch a cartoon and both were asleep within minutes.

Chandler asked his sweet girlfriend, Cathleen to the Winter formal last week. I did not know that when the boys ask the girls it is supposed to be in some creative fashioin. So her mother got her out of the house and we put streamers all over her room and balloons. ( I know you only see one in the picture but there were several) We also picked up some roses. I left so she wouldn't know he was there and when she came home her mother sent her to get something from her room and there was Chandler waiting to ask her. ( normally their bedrooms are OFF LIMITS but her mom was right there and I wasn't far behind. It was fun but what's up with this generation???? I thought you only were supposed to be creative with engagement. Oh well at least it is teaching these boys to think creatively and maybe it stick with them.
Sorry for the long post just had these pictures to share.
Have a great day in the Lord.


Paige said...

These posts are my favorite! It let us see inside your real life and children!


Sheila said...

I love the post! Love Christmas card idea, we are challenged every year to come up with new ideas.
I hope you got my email in re: to sidebar issues!
Have a blessed day.

MOM said...

Great Pictures. I could use a nap but have to cook dinner.
Love to all,

petrii said...

Oh how fun!! I think it's a GREAT idea and what a good job he did. They are really cute together.

And how sweet that little one is sleeping with his soccer trophy and pic.

Have a Blessed day,

fortyb4forty said...

I love the pictures. Its so much fun being the mom of 3 boys, isn't it?

Denise C said...

OH I love this!!! HOw sweet of your Chandler to do such an amazing surprise to ask her to the formal! I know it must have just made her whole year!!! They are such a beautiful couple!
Sweeet pics of sleeping babies....and Peperes too!! *wink*!
Hugs to you sweet friend!

Rebecca Jo said...

AAHH - how cute was that "proposal" to the dance!! Yeah - you're right - when did that become the thing to do? Oh well - I wish they did that when I was a teen - it would have been fun waiting for surprises!!

Meredith said...

How funny about the beanie babies. I worked at a card store in college that sold them and we would have people lining outside for hours to get the new ones-CRAZY! I think it's so sweet how he asked her to the dance.